Survey Junkie: The Deep Dive – Your Ultimate Guide to Earning Extra Cash with Online Surveys

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie has become synonymous with online paid surveys. Launched in 2005, it boasts a massive community exceeding 20 million members, all contributing valuable consumer insights and influencing brands through market research. This comprehensive guide delves into the intricate workings of Survey Junkie, exploring its potential for earning extra cash, uncovering its limitations, and offering valuable tips to maximize your experience.

Survey Junkie

Demystifying the Process: How Survey Junkie Works

Survey Junkie thrives on a mutually beneficial relationship. Companies seeking consumer feedback create surveys, and individuals like you participate, sharing their perspectives in exchange for rewards. Here's a breakdown of the core functionalities:

  • Membership and Profile Building: Signing up for Survey Junkie is a breeze and completely free. However, to optimize the survey-matching algorithm, you'll need to invest some time in crafting a detailed profile. This includes demographics like age, location, and income, along with interests, hobbies, and purchasing habits. The more comprehensive your profile, the better Survey Junkie can tailor surveys to your suitability, increasing your chances of receiving relevant invitations.
  • Survey Matching and Participation: Once registered, keep an eye out for survey invitations arriving via email or the user-friendly mobile app. Each invitation provides details about the survey topic, estimated completion time, and the number of points awarded upon successful completion. But here's a crucial caveat: even if you receive an invitation, there's no guarantee you'll qualify for every survey. Most surveys begin with screening questions to assess if your profile aligns perfectly with the target audience the company is seeking. Don't be discouraged by occasional disqualifications – it's simply part of the process.
  • Reward System and Redeeming Earnings: Survey Junkie utilizes a points system. Each completed survey translates to a specific number of points, typically ranging from 100 to 200, with occasional higher-paying opportunities. Accumulated points can be redeemed for real cash via PayPal or bank transfer. Alternatively, you can choose from a variety of gift cards from popular retailers like Amazon or Walmart. The minimum payout threshold is a modest $5, making Survey Junkie an attractive option for those seeking quick and accessible rewards.
Survey Junkie

The Enticing Aspects of Survey Junkie: Unveiling the Benefits

There are compelling reasons why Survey Junkie has garnered such a loyal user base. Here's a closer look at the key advantages it offers:

  • Flexibility and Convenience: Survey Junkie caters to busy lifestyles. With the mobile app and user-friendly online platform, you can participate in surveys from anywhere, at any time, as long as you have an internet connection. This flexibility allows you to squeeze in surveys during commutes, breaks, or even while watching television.
  • Making a Tangible Difference: By participating in surveys, you contribute valuable data to market research. This data plays a crucial role in influencing product development, shaping advertising campaigns, and ultimately shaping the products and services you encounter daily. In essence, Survey Junkie empowers you to have a voice and contribute to shaping the market landscape.
  • Passive Earning Potential: While Survey Junkie won't replace your day job, it offers a legitimate avenue to generate some extra cash. Even dedicating 30 minutes a day to completing surveys can add up to a welcome financial boost over time. It can be a great way to save for a vacation, pay down debt, or simply treat yourself to something special.
Survey Junkie

Beyond the Surface: Potential Drawbacks to Consider

While Survey Junkie presents itself as an attractive option, approaching it with realistic expectations is crucial. Here are some potential drawbacks to consider:

  • Inconsistent Survey Availability: The frequency of survey invites can vary significantly depending on your profile and demographic information. There might be days with a constant flow of opportunities, followed by stretches with minimal availability. Factors like age, location, and income can all influence how often you receive invites.
  • Disqualification and Wasted Time: As mentioned earlier, even after receiving a survey invite, there's a chance of getting disqualified during the initial screening questions. This can be frustrating, especially if you've invested time in starting the survey. While Survey Junkie tries to pre-screen invitations based on profiles, it's not an exact science, and disqualifications can happen.
  • Limited Earning Potential: It's important to understand that Survey Junkie offers a modest earning potential. High-paying surveys are uncommon, and reaching the minimum payout threshold might take several days or even weeks depending on your participation frequency and the surveys you qualify for. Don't expect to get rich quick with Survey Junkie.
Survey Junkie
Survey Junkie

Empowering millions in exchange for rewards

By engaging consumers who choose to share their attitudes and behaviors, Survey Junkie empowers its millions of members to engage in market research in exchange for rewards.

The opinions and behaviors shared by Survey Junkie members help DISQO’s clients innovate and improve the products & services they offer.

Maximizing Your Earnings: Tips for Survey Junkie Success

Survey Junkie offers a legitimate way to earn some extra cash, but there are strategies to optimize your experience and boost your earnings. Here are some valuable tips to help you become a Survey Junkie pro:

Profile Optimization: The Foundation of Success

  • Complete Your Profile Thoroughly: Remember, the more comprehensive your profile, the better Survey Junkie can match you with relevant surveys. Take the time to fill out all sections honestly and accurately, including demographics, interests, hobbies, and purchasing habits. Regularly update your profile to reflect any changes in your life.
  • Target Demographics: Consider which demographics might be more valuable to researchers. While everyone's opinion matters, certain demographics like niche professions or specific age groups might be in higher demand, leading to more survey opportunities.
  • Be Honest and Consistent: Providing truthful information throughout your profile and during surveys is paramount. Inconsistencies can trigger disqualification and hinder your earning potential.
Survey Junkie

Ways to participate

As a member, you may choose to participate in one or both of our communities.

Our core Survey Junkie community offers opportunities to share your perspective via attitudinal based market research. Our SJ Pulse Community offers opportunities to engage in behavioral market research.

Survey Participation Strategies:

  • Check Daily and Respond Quickly: Survey opportunities can disappear fast. Make it a habit to check your email and app notifications daily. Respond promptly to survey invitations to increase your chances of participation.
  • Prioritize High-Value Surveys: Survey invitations will typically display the estimated completion time and the number of points awarded. Focus on completing surveys that offer a higher points-to-time ratio. This way, you can maximize your earnings per minute spent.
  • Be Attentive and Focused: Pay close attention to survey questions and answer thoughtfully. Rushing through surveys or providing careless answers can lead to disqualification, wasting your time and effort.
Survey Junkie

Beyond the Basics: Exploring Additional Earning Opportunities

  • SJ Pulse: Consider opting into SJ Pulse, a browser extension that tracks your online browsing behavior anonymously. This allows companies to gather valuable data about consumer preferences, and in return, you earn bonus points towards your Survey Junkie rewards.
  • Referrals: Survey Junkie offers a referral program. By inviting friends and family to join the platform using your unique referral link, you can earn bonus points whenever they complete surveys. This can be a great way to passively increase your earnings.
  • Maximize Platform Usage: Survey Junkie isn't the only platform in the online survey game. Explore other reputable survey websites to diversify your options and potentially increase your overall earning potential. However, be cautious of platforms with overly high earning promises, as these might be scams.
Survey Junkie

Joining the community

When you join Survey Junkie, you are joining a community of millions of people who choose to share their opinions and behaviors in exchange for rewards.

Every day, hundreds of brands you love turn to DISQO for consumer insights, and the information shared by the Survey Junkie community powers that research.

Maintaining Motivation and Avoiding Discouragement

  • Set Realistic Goals: Don't expect to get rich quick with Survey Junkie. Set achievable goals, like earning a few extra dollars a week or saving up for a specific purchase. This will help you stay motivated and avoid frustration.
  • Focus on the Benefits: Remember, Survey Junkie isn't just about earning money. It's also about contributing your voice to market research and shaping the products and services you encounter daily.
  • Take Breaks: Avoid survey burnout. Schedule breaks between surveys to prevent mental fatigue. Remember, Survey Junkie should be a fun and flexible way to earn extra cash, not a stressful chore.
Survey Junkie
Survey Junkie

How it works

Attitudinal research includes activities such as taking surveys or participating in focus groups. Behavioral research includes opting in to share digital browsing activity, which is collected in a privacy compliant way via SJ Pulse.

For additional information, please see our pages on

Survey Junkie

Conclusion: Survey Junkie – A Smart Tool with Strategic Use

Survey Junkie presents a legitimate and flexible platform to earn some extra cash with online surveys. By following these tips, optimizing your profile, and strategically participating in surveys, you can maximize your earnings potential. Remember, consistency, honesty, and realistic expectations are key to Survey Junkie success. So, why not give it a try? You might be surprised at how much you can earn by sharing your valuable opinions!

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Survey Junkie: Pros and Cons


  • Flexibility and Convenience: Earn extra cash from anywhere, anytime with the mobile app and user-friendly platform.
  • Passive Earning Potential: Supplement your income by completing surveys in your free time.
  • Making a Difference: Contribute valuable data to market research and influence the products and services you use.
  • Low Minimum Cashout: Redeem your rewards quickly and easily with a low $5 minimum payout threshold.
  • Variety of Rewards: Choose from cash via PayPal or bank transfer, or opt for gift cards from popular retailers.
  • Free to Use: Signing up and participating in Survey Junkie is completely free.


  • Limited Earning Potential: Don't expect to get rich quick – surveys typically offer modest rewards.
  • Inconsistent Survey Availability: The frequency of invitations can vary depending on your profile.
  • Disqualification: Starting a survey only to be disqualified later due to screening questions can be frustrating.
  • Time Investment: Completing surveys can take time, and high-paying opportunities might be uncommon.
  • Passive Income, Active Management: Requires regular checking for invites and responding promptly.
  • Competition: More in-demand demographics might receive more survey opportunities.


How much money can I earn by taking surveys with Survey Junkie?

Your individual earning potential depends on the time you choose to commit, the ways you participate and your earnings goal. Members who take surveys and opt in to share their online activity unlock the most value from their membership.
You won’t get rich taking surveys and it’s not meant to take the place of a full-time job but it can supplement your income and give you a little extra flexibility in your budget.
Complete three surveys daily and earn as much as $40 monthly. Share more, earn more and make it worth your while!

What are the available rewards and how do I redeem?

Survey Junkie points can be redeemed for valuable rewards including cash through PayPal or bank transfer and gift cards for Amazon, Target, Walmart, Sephora, Starbucks, Visa, iTunes, etc. Members can cash out beginning at $5 (500 points). Redemption options may vary by location and verification status.

What ways can I earn rewards with Survey Junkie?

Here’s how Survey Junkie members earn the points they redeem for cash and gift cards:
Get started: Members earn points by signing up, confirming their email address and completing their general profile and their category-specific profiles. Completing your profiles enables better survey-matching.
Take surveys: Taking surveys sent to you through email, push notifications and served up via your dashboard. Point value and estimated completion time are displayed on each survey card.Even if you do not qualify for a survey, Survey Junkie still rewards you with a few points for your attempt.
Connect your data: Opting in to share your online activity through Survey Junkie Pulse is the way to turbocharge your earnings by way of guaranteed monthly points and exclusive surveys.
Watch for bonus point promos: Monthly promotions enable members to earn bonus points for completing a set number of surveys daily within a dedicated time frame. Points and time frames will vary but these promotions are a great way to boost your earnings while participating in a fun challenge.
Keep an eye out for limited studies: While more limited than surveys, product-testing and focus group opportunities are available. These more in-depth studies often come with higher point values due to the time and effort requirement.

How does data-sharing through Survey Junkie Pulse work?

Your opinion is valuable, connecting it with your online activity can be even more powerful for brands. Pulse gathers information about online searches, site visits, app usage, shopping activity and ad views. These everyday activities help marketers understand the way you experience brands online, so they can improve the way you experience their brand in your life. It’s information you already share with search engines, online retailers and social media platforms – the difference is Survey Junkie rewards you for it.

How do I opt in to Pulse?

Once you’re a Survey Junkie member, you can opt in to Pulse via your desktop or mobile device, here’s how:
Install Pulse on your desktop or mobile device, or both if you like!On desktop (Windows or Mac), log in, go to the left bar on your dashboard and click “Add Desktop App” and follow the prompts.
On Android mobile app, open the app, click “Mobile Pulse” at the bottom of the screen and follow the prompts.
Remain active on your device/s (minimum of five online sessions monthly) – let’s be honest, you probably do that daily!
Take surveys early and often, and take advantage of your Pulse-exclusive surveys.
Monthly points are rewarded after 30 days of installation.
Automatic monthly points. Exclusive, guaranteed-point surveys. Unmatched brand influence. Pulse comes with perks, get yours today!

Is it safe to use Pulse?

The Pulse application collects data in a privacy-compliant way.
Passwords, payment methods and social security numbers are never collected.
Websites associated with sensitive, personal information are blocked. Financial, medical and government websites, file sharing platforms, and messaging and email services are never accessed.
Survey Junkie has a Trustpilot rating of 4.5/5 from more than 30,000 reviews. For more information, review our Privacy Policy.

How does someone get disqualified from a survey?

Because brands often need input from a particular type of person, someone with specific life experiences, not everyone qualifies for every survey.
The information you provide within your general profile is used to match you with surveys, so it’s important to ensure your profile is accurate and up to date.
In addition to a specific audience, brands and organizations require a specific audience size. Once a survey reaches the required number of survey completes, the survey will close.
The information you provide within your general profile is used to match you with surveys, so it’s important to ensure your profile is accurate and up to date.
Survey responses can only yield value for brands if they are accurate and honest. Unfortunately, there are people who attempt to fraudulently complete surveys as a way to make fast online cash. We have systems in place to detect this type of activity and disqualify these people and/or bots from surveys.
Take your time and answer honestly to minimize disqualification. Speeding through a survey to get a quick complete can result in disqualification.
Answering a question differently in a survey than you have in your profile can result in disqualification. Ensure your profile is complete and up to date.
Even if you do not qualify for a survey, Survey Junkie still rewards you with a few points for your attempt.

Why do companies pay for people’s opinions?

Companies look for ways to improve their products and services, create new ones, and ensure their message resonates. To determine the best course of action, they conduct research into the audience they want to reach. Understanding how an audience thinks and acts is critical to the success of any company or organization.
Your opinion really does matter to companies and they are willing to pay for it. We’re here to help make that happen!

How is my information shared with brands/companies?

Survey responses are directly collected by the party conducting the research. You choose what you want to share, and Survey Junkie passes along encrypted data to protect your privacy. For more information, review our Privacy Policy.

Can I trust Survey Junkie with my information?

Survey Junkie is one of the most trusted insights platforms with more than 20 million members to date, and a Trustpilot rating of 4.5/5 from nearly 30,000 reviews. Survey Junkie is a safe, secure platform that hundreds of thousands of people turn to each day to share what they think and do with brands in exchange for rewards.
No matter what you choose to share, whether your opinions or digital activity, it is encrypted for your security. For more information, review our Privacy Policy.

What types of surveys are available?

Brands and organizations of all types rely on DISQO to conduct research that helps them to make important business decisions and gauge perceptions on a variety of issues. Members can expect surveys in a wide variety of categories including food and beverage, technology, entertainment, personal care, apparel, retail, home, financial services, automotive, travel, real estate, healthcare and more. Completing your general and category-specific profiles will help to ensure you are matched with surveys that are best aligned with your lifestyle and interests.

Why do people join Survey Junkie and/or take online surveys?

Some people are looking for ways to earn money online. Some people want to have their opinion heard by brands they love. Some people enjoy learning about new products and services before everyone else does. Some people are searching for a side hustle that fits their schedule. Each of our members has a reason all their own, we’re just happy they’ve chosen to achieve their goals with us.

How do members use their earnings?

Members use their rewards in so many different ways. Think about your Amazon, Walmart or Target purchases over the course of a typical month, wouldn’t it be great to reduce a few of those bills by $10, $25 or even $50? Members who redeem for gift cards do exactly that when they apply their gift card to those purchases.
Many of our members transfer their earnings directly to their PayPal or bank accounts and apply their rewards to regular expenses and bills, everything from gas and groceries to streaming services and phone bills. And speaking of gas, many gas station apps can be linked to your PayPal account, so transferring your rewards to your account can help fuel some of your fuel costs!
A little extra cash goes a long way toward providing more financial flexibility, treating yourself to the things you enjoy, and spreading a little joy to family and friends.
Your Survey Junkie earnings can help pay for…
Regular expenses/bills (gas, groceries, phone, streaming subscriptions)
Extra spending money (coffee, lunch, rideshare)
Treat themselves (something special, hobbies, night out)
Treat family and friends (surprises, movies, dinner)
Annual gifting occasions (holidays, birthdays)
Savings (emergency fund, college fund, vacation, investment account)

Who can participate in Survey Junkie?

To join, you must be at least 18 years of age and reside in the United States, Canada, Australia or the United Kingdom. Redemption options and product features may vary by region.

Why do members need to verify their identity before redeeming?

Unfortunately, there are people who attempt to fraudulently complete surveys as a way to make money online. In order to protect our members, the integrity of their opinions and data they provide, and our brand’s platform, we have identity verification processes in place. Verification methods vary by case but can include text, email or phone call confirmation, information cross-check with rewards partners, and/or photo ID verification.

What if I have technical difficulties with a survey?

If you experience an error or technical difficulties with a survey, please reach out to our Member Support team with the following information as possible:
Survey ID
Survey provider
Relevant screenshots
Brief summary of the issue including device type and browser type and version

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